Whether you are thinking about starting your coaching career, been coaching for a few years or even coaching at the elite level WJK Coaching Consultancy is the one stop shop for you. With Dr. Wilbur Kraak at the helm, WJK Coaching Consultancy has proven itself as a leading force in the development of coaches and administrators. Their ability to interact and engage professionally with coaches and administrators at different stages in their career makes them a valued and trusted entity in the coaching and people development environment. Since 2017 I attended numerous seminars and workshops hosted by WJK Coaching Consultancy and after every event it left me with a new perspective on coaching and life in general, in short, interaction with them made me a better person. I would highly recommend  WJK Coaching Consultancy to every coach, school, club or sport organisation who wishes to take themselves or their organisation to the next level. To everyone associated with WJK Coaching Consultancy, thank you for the positive change you bring about, may you grow from strength to strength and keep up the good work.